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Rural Related Politics - An RSN weekly review

25 November 2019

Below is an RSN review of last week's rural related politics as well as a look forward to the week ahead:

Last week in politics 
(18 November -  24 November)

The Labour Party published its 2019 manifesto on Thursday. The manifesto asserts that digital and technological advancements ‘bring challenges’, but also ‘huge opportunities’. The Party also states the need for ‘world-class digital infrastructure’ which is accessible to everyone. The headline policies included:

  • Nationalise the ‘Big Six’ energy firms, National Grid, the water industry, Royal Mail and the broadband arm of BT.
  • Unlock capacity and extend high-speed rail networks nationwide by completing the full HS2 route to Scotland.
  • Put the UK on track for a net-zero carbon energy system within the 2030s.
  • Establish a National Care Service.
  • Abolish private schools' charitable status.
  • Increase expenditure across the health sector by an average 4.3 per cent a year and establish a generic drug company.
  • Introduce a new benefits system, replacing Universal Credit.
  • Any expansion of airports must pass the Party’s tests on air quality, noise pollution, climate change obligations and countrywide benefits.
  • Build 100,000 council homes every year.

On Sunday 24th, the Conservative Party published its manifesto in the West Midlands, with Boris Johnson promising to ‘forge a new Britain’. Measures in the manifesto include:

  • Keeping the pensions triple lock, winter fuel payment and the older person’s bus pass.
  • Keeping the existing energy price cap and spending£6.3 billion on energy efficiency measures to cut fuel bills in 2.2 million homes.
  • £2 billion for thebiggest ever pothole-filling programme.
  • Ending hospital car parking charges for NHS staff on night shifts, as well as disabled and terminally ill patients and their families.

Raising the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 next year. 

This week in politics (25 November - 1 December)

Parliament has been dissolved during the general election campaign.


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