Rural Related Politics - An RSN weekly review

4 October 2021

Below is an RSN review of last week's rural related politics as well as a look forward to the week ahead:

Last week in politics
(4 October - 10 October)
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP gave a speech at the Conservative Party Conference highlighting the importance of Education when levelling up. He pledged that the Government would administer a Levelling Up Premium of up to £3,000 to send the best core subject teachers to schools in need. He mentioned that university was not the only area of priority to the Government and emphasised that there would be a focus on upskilling outside of institutional education. He also added that the Government aims to continue providing incentives to make home ownership accessible to all.

This week in politics 
(11 October - 17 October)

Please note the House of Lords returns but the House of Commons remains on recess until Monday 18th October.

  • On Wednesday 13th October, there will be oral questions on the rising costs of wholesale energy prices and their impact on household electricity bills led by Baroness McIntosh of Pickering and the third reading of the Environment Bill.


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