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Rural retirees ‘can end up in unsuitable, unsafe homes’

The Telegraph reports on warnings from The Social Market Foundation think tank that elderly people can end up in oversized or unsafe homes if they retire to the countryside

Scott Corfe, the research director at the cross-party think tank, said that "too many retirees end up in unsuitable, oversized and often unsafe homes, while rising property prices exclude younger families from local housing," he said.

"Local authority areas where the majority of residents are over 65 could struggle to provide their populations with adequate services, and such communities may lack cohesion and intergenerational mixing."

The research found increasing housing supply pressures in rural areas meant older people often remained in under-occupied homes due to a lack of suitable or desirable accommodation elsewhere.

On average, rural residents in England spend a third more to heat and power their homes than urban households.

Full article:

The Telegraph - Rural retirees ‘can end up in unsuitable, unsafe homes’


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