Rural Services Network partners to encourage use of biofuel

The website Bioenergy Insight reports on comments made by Rural Services Network (RSN) chief executive Graham Biggs on the potential of using biomass as fuel in the UK

RSN has announced that it will work in partnership with the Biomass Heat Works! campaign in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. According to Biomass Heat Works!, the UK could almost triple its use of bioenergy as a heat source to achieve net-zero targets by 2050.

Neil Holland of the UK Pellet Council commented on the partnership: ‘Many of the biomass heat industry’s 700 plus supply chain companies operate or are based in rural locations, creating thousands of much-needed jobs, therefore the RSN working with us is a huge boost.’

Graham Biggs, chief executive of RSN, said: ‘The Biomass Heat Works! campaign sits very well with our own policies addressing climate change and supporting net-zero pledges, but it is essential that there is a clear renewable energy strategy in place by Government for rural communities too and at present, there is no indication that this exists.’ He noted that biomass use in rural areas has increased significantly, in part thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). 

Full article:

Bioenergy - Decarbonisation potential of biomass “still overlooked” in UK, says campaign group


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