Rural Services Partnership Spotlight

The Spring 2024 edition of the RSN Rural Services Partnership Spotlight has been published. This quarterly publication provides a valuable platform for sharing insights and best practices that address the unique challenges and opportunities within rural communities across the UK.

In this issue, we are excited to welcome two new members to our partnership, each bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to our collective efforts. Community Action Northumberland (CAN) and Small and Medium Enterprise Business (SMEB) feature in the spotlight and you can find out more about the valuable service they offer rural communities.

Our Spotlight articles cover a diverse range of topics critical to rural development, including sustainable practices in rural pubs, innovative solutions for decarbonising rural heating, and the creation of new jobs in the countryside. We also explore developments in rural health, agri-tech, and housing, among other areas.

Each article not only highlights the current state of rural services but also offers practical advice and examples of successful initiatives from around the country. This edition is designed to inform, inspire, and foster collaboration among all stakeholders involved in enhancing the quality of life in rural areas.

We hope you find the insights provided in this Spring 2024 Rural Services Partnership Spotlight both informative and inspiring as we continue to work together to make a difference in rural communities.

Read the Rural Services Spotlight here


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