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Rural Strategy Press

This page includes a round up of our press releases, news stories and national and local press about the campaign.

Rural Services Network Press Releases

- 1st March 2019 - Government urged to produce new rural strategy ahead of Brexit

- 29th April 2019 - RSN response to the House of Lords Select Committee

- 8th July 2019 - Government response to the House of Lords Select Committee Report

- 6th September 2019 - Rural Services Network Conference renews calls for a Rural Strategy

Press Coverage

- Shropshire Star (12 Sept 2019) - Shropshire councillor in renewed calls for a rural strategy

- Yorkshire Post (6 Sept 2019) - Rural areas are Whitehall blind spot and need proper strategy', countryside councils says

- Local Gov (29 April 2019) - Peers call for strategies to develop under performing rural areas

- Municipal Journal (28 April 2019) Article by Graham Biggs, CX of RSN - The Government must develop a rural strategy

- Yorkshire Post (27 April 2019) - Rural Communities ignored and underrated

- Yorkshire Post (7 May 2019) - Why future policies should be rural proofed

- BBC Radio 4 - Farming Today (8 March 2019) - Farmers and activists, peatland restoration and rural services

- Politics Home ( 7th March 2019) - Rural England – A different place demands a different strategy

- Local Government First Magazine (October 2019) Article by RSN Chair Councillor Motley -  Time for a Rural Strategy

- Times Newspaper (July 2019) Graham Biggs (RSN Chief Executive) coordinated a letter which was published - Rural neglect is being ignored


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