Rural surgery pioneers social prescribing

ITV covers the story of a rural medical centre in Lancashire that aims to turn patients away from pills and towards pastimes like dominoes, draughts and dancing

Social prescribing involves helping patients improve their health and wellbeing by encouraging them to try out activities which may benefit them - outside of traditional NHS treatments.

Dr Vicky Simpson, GP partner at Over Wyre Medical Centre, said: ‘We realise that there are a vast amount of services and resources across the Fylde Coast that are not always easily accessible for the patients of Over Wyre Medical Centre. The doctors would like to bring these facilities to our doorstep…social prescribing will work for a wide range of people, including patients with one or more long-term conditions, who are lonely or isolated or who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.'

Full article:

→ ITV - Surgery aims to pioneer 'social prescribing' to steer patients from pills to pastimes


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