Rural transport: Young people 'written off'

Young people in isolated communities without good public transport are being ‘written off’, according to a report on the BBC

National figures show more than 3,000 local authority-supported bus services have been lost or reduced in a decade, with fears it may worsen due to COVID-19.

The Campaign for Better Transport maintain that young people in rural areas are being left ‘on their own’, despite claims from the Department for Transport that it had invested an extra £30m over the past year to improve services.

The campaigners argue that, nationally, a third of people don't have cars, and this figure is even higher amongst those on low incomes and quite high amongst those in rural areas.

Campaigners argue that more needs to be done to help other young people who are too young to drive or cannot afford a car.

Full article:

The BBC - Rural transport: Young people 'written off'


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