Rural Wellbeing

Covid-19 is taking its toll on the mental health of our communities. The National Rural Mental Health Forum is continuing to run a series of mainly Scotland specific seminars which may be of interest to rural stakeholders across the UK. On the 3rd of February 11am they shall receiving feedback from the University of Edinburgh/Generation Scotland on their major research in to the impact of Covid on rural Scotland, plus a presentation from the Mental Welfare Commission into their guidance on psychiatric emergency care.

Further to that seminar, on the 17th of February from 11am, the National Rural Mental Health Forum shall be hosting a seminar on research undertaken in to marginalised communities affected by the impact of Covid plus work of Camerados, a growing movement of people who get through tough times by looking out for each other.

You are all welcome to attend, the meetings which shall be held via Zoom. Details of registering via EventBrite can be found here You can also find past presentations on that webpage.

A further date for a National Rural Mental Health Forum seminar is March 24th from 11am.

The National Rural Mental Health Forum is an active network with over 180 membership organisations from private, public and third sectors, all dedicated to tackling mental health and wellbeing.


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