Initiative to safeguard vulnerable people

An important initiative to help safeguard vulnerable people is taking place in north-west England.

Electricity North West – the company distributing electricity across Cumbria and Lancashire; and United Utilities, the water company for the region, are working together with the Rural Services Network to try to tackle what is becoming a bigger problem.

As the climate alters with global warming, the number of storms hitting the North West is increasing and those storms can bring real concern for people in the North West, especially if electricity and water supplies suffer as a result.

Tree and wind damage to power supplies, flooding and pipe damage can quickly escalate and if supplies suffer, it is vital that utility companies are able to respond quickly to those consumers who, due to a number of needs, are most vulnerable when supplies fail.

In rural areas the average age of residents is increasing year by year as people are living longer, whilst fewer younger people are remaining in these areas than has been the case.

Those people who have registered on the Priority Services Register will be the ones who will be kept most fully informed and if necessary, offered dedicated assistance that can be given by these utility providers.

If you or someone in your house is suffering from ill-health or a disability, the starting point is to get your details on the Priority Services Register which in the North West is kept by these companies.

Although both companies have their own register, they are in the process of trialling sharing Priority Services data for customers that consent when registering with either company, which means only having to register once.

If you know someone in the North West of England who you think should be on Priority Services Register in the area please encourage them to do so and, if appropriate, offer to help them.

Please do have a look at these relevant areas of the company’s websites for Electricity North West and United Utilities for further details.


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