Postponement of the 24/02/2020 West Midlands Regional Seminar

Taking into account the current weather & flooding situation across the country we have decided to postpone the West Midlands Regional Seminar which was supposed to take place this upcoming Monday, 24th of February 2020 at Stafford Borough Council.
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We provide a range of services which may be of interest to those in a Scrutiny or support position in a Local Authority


The Observatory provides statistical analyses and comment on key service provision and issues affecting rural communities.  It enables local authorities to view data often down to Local Authority level to see how well they are performing.


This section enables local authorities to compare their performance to their family group of authorities, in addition to other rural authorities in national performance indicator areas of work.


This section provides an economic profile for local authorities and brings together a range of key indicators in relation to the economy which enables them to see how well their local area is performing.


We provide an evidence base for Neighbourhood Planning, with information available often down to Parish level for some key statistics which may be useful in the evidence base for the plan.  Comparative information is available to provide more value to the data.


From time to time we carry out specific projects focusing on the Scrutiny of Rural Services.  For example we did an exercise looking at the Access to Health Services in rural areas.


The Rural Sounding Board will gather views and opinions of rural Local Authority Councillors and Parish Councillors across England and will use the results and analysis to help inform wider debates about rural issues, and where appropriate, work to influence decision makers.


Rural experts consider key issues affecting rural authorities and provide in depth analysis


Our rural journalist brings you the latest rural news headlines.


Rural proofing aims to ensure that services, projects and policies are designed so that they reach rural communities and are suited to rural circumstances.  The Rural Services Network, along with other organisations, supported a Defra-funded project to produce some guidance resources on local level rural proofing. This material is aimed at any organisation working locally, in whatever field and whether in the public, private or civil society sectors.


We provide opportunities for members to network at our regional seminars, main meetings, Annual Conference and electronically through the RSN.


We host an Annual Rural Conference which has become a key event in the rural calendar, bringing together expert speakers to share their views with rural delegates.


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