Securing Rural Futures: Engaging PPCs in the Winning the Rural Vote Campaign

As members of the Rural Services Network (RSN), our collective commitment to advocating for the needs of rural communities remains unwavering. With the deadline for Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to submit or withdraw applications by 7th June fast approaching, our focus now turns to directly engaging with these candidates in rural constituencies to communicate our rural priorities effectively.

In preparation for this pivotal interaction, the RSN has compiled a comprehensive bank of hustings questions under our "Winning the Rural Vote" campaign. These questions are designed to challenge and encourage PPCs to commit to actionable plans that address the unique challenges facing rural areas. We urge all members to actively participate by posing these questions at local hustings to ensure rural issues are a central part of the election discourse.

Key Campaign Areas and Overarching Questions

  1. Rural Fair Funding

With the existing disparities in funding, what specific initiatives will you champion to guarantee that rural areas receive a fairer allocation of financial support and investment?

  1. Rural Affordable Housing

What comprehensive strategies will you implement to significantly increase the availability and affordability of housing in rural areas, while maintaining community diversity and supporting younger residents?

  1. Rural Digital Connectivity

How will you ensure comprehensive broadband and mobile network improvements in rural areas to address both the digital divide and enhance socio-economic opportunities?

  1. Rural Economies

Given the dominance of SMEs in rural economies, what robust measures will your party introduce to boost productivity and provide substantial support to these businesses?

  1. Rural Health and Care Services

How do you plan to enhance healthcare accessibility and address the shortage of healthcare professionals in rural areas, ensuring all residents receive the care they deserve?

  1. Rural Net Zero

What policies will you advocate to balance the advancement of green technology and sustainable practices with the economic and social needs of rural communities?

  1. Rural Planning

How will you ensure that rural planning policies not only support sustainable development but also respect the unique characteristics and needs of rural communities?

  1. Rural Transport

What strategies will you implement to improve transportation infrastructure in rural areas, thereby reducing isolation and supporting local economies?

Engaging with PPCs Post-Deadline

Once the 7 June deadline passes, our efforts to engage with the PPCs will intensify. We will present our campaign questions directly to the candidates and seek their commitments on these critical issues. This direct engagement is crucial as it allows us to clarify their positions and strategies regarding rural policies, ensuring that the voices of our communities are heard and acted upon.

As members of the RSN, your active participation in this campaign is vital. You can help highlight the importance of rural issues in the upcoming elections. Together, we can ensure that our rural communities receive the attention and investment they deserve, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future.

Let's make rural voices count in this election!


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