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Shadow Defra Minister: ‘Rural areas not Gov priority’

Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Drew MP has written a piece in the Stroud News and Journal about the ‘challenges’ of living in a rural area.

He wrote that ‘rural affairs have slipped down this Government’s priorities’ and called for another Rural White Paper. The first Rural White Paper, introduced 20 years ago, brought £1 billion of funding to shops, services, transport and initiatives to support rural communities.

Drew detailed what he would like to see in a Rural Strategy: ‘A thriving economy; a digitally connected countryside and affordable homes.

It should also provide a fair deal on health and social care.’ He continued: ‘People living in rural areas deserve the same rights to services and opportunities as their urban counterparts, which is why it’s time to recognise that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach fails those of us who love life in our rural communities.’

Full article:

→ Stroud News - Rural areas not a government priority says David Drew


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