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Shops should be forced to accept cash

In response to the recent Access to Cash review, the website polled readers on their attitudes towards cash.

The review warned that the ‘death knell for cash’ in other countries had been due to shops and businesses refusing to accept cash, rather than a lack of ATM machines or bank branches.

Subsequently, 82 per cent of readers said that businesses should be forced to accept cash. This is the case in China and Denmark, where accepting cash is mandatory.

Full article:

→ - Shops should be forced to accept cash, say loveMONEY readers

Separately, North Yorkshire County Council has intervened to support proposals to introduce new cash machines in areas hit by bank closures.

The Council has asked all 72 of its councillors to propose sites that they think would benefit from a cash machine.  

It comes after councillors found that assumptions were being made about the ability of post offices to fill in the gaps left by bank closures.

Full article:

→ strayfm - North Yorkshire Council intervenes over access to cash machines in rural areas


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