Shropshire rural care staff hit by rising fuel costs

BBC Shropshire reports that the rising cost of fuel is contributing to a lack of staff in rural areas, according to Shropshire carer Ash Turner

Compensation for mileage no longer cover costs for running a vehicle for staff such as carers, particularly in rural areas where workers are required to drive longer distances and cars suffer from more wear and tear.

The issue around the cost of living and fuel prices are exacerbating shortages in an already understaffed sector, which requires about 130,000 new workers a year to keep up with current demands.

The lack of social care staff is also affecting the hospitals and ambulance wait times due to hospital staff "not being able to discharge patients who are medically fit to go home or to go into rest and rehabilitation care," MP for south Shropshire and former health minister Philip Dunne said.

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BBC Shropshire - Shropshire rural care staff hit by rising fuel costs


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