Southern Water’s Priority Services Register

RSN is pleased to work with Southern Water in a number of areas. Their particular operating area is Isle of Wight, Hampshire East and West Sussex and Kent. The message they give here would be universal in respect of all the water companies across England. Each of these companies will operate a Priority Services Register for their area. We very much encourage people to check their eligibility for signing up to their companies Priority Services Register and to seek to sign up if they feel they are eligible.

An update on services from Southern Water

Southern Water’s Priority Services Register ensures that people who need a little extra help can receive assistance tailored to their needs. We can add you to our Priority Services Register if you or someone in your household:

  • are pensionable age with additional needs such as limited mobility
  • have a disability or mental health challenges
  • have a medical condition that means you need additional help
  • have difficulty seeing, hearing or communicating
  • require assistance with your water account or want a little extra security in protecting your account
Services offered:
  • We’ll contact you about extra support if there are unavoidable interruptions to your water supply, e.g. to supply bottled water if you have kidney dialysis at home.
  • Bills sent to a friend, relative or register a unique password
  • Large print, braille bills, audio or digital bills
  • Talking bills, Textphone or Minicom
  • Call our free-phone helpline on 0800 027 0800 from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or alternatively apply on-line at
Other services if you are having difficulty paying your bill
WaterSure tariff
  • You may be eligible for a reduction in charges if you have a low income and your water is supplied by a meter.
  • You need to be in receipt of means tested benefit and have 3 children under the aged of 19 in full time education, or have a medical condition that requires additional use of water
Water Direct
  • If you're claiming means tested benefits, Jobcentre Plus may consider paying us directly out of your benefits.
  • If you have at least £50 arrears, they will take a fixed amount from your benefits to cover what you owe in arrears plus your current charges.
  • This scheme can help you pay off your water bill debt
  • You might qualify for NewStart if you currently owe us money and have not made a payment for a while.
Essentials tariff
  • This is designed to help customers who are struggling to pay their water services charges by providing a discount of at least 20% on future bills. Where our charges represent 3% or more of the annual income of the customer’s household, after deductions for tax and housing costs, they will be eligible for the Essentials tariff

In order to apply for all the above you will need to contact Southern Water’s Affordability Team on 0800 027 0800 or complete their online Financial Assistance Form at


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