Students walk ‘dark and dangerous’ route in the face of bus cuts

Parents and students in North Hampshire are protesting proposed cuts to school bus services that would see pupils walking three miles across ‘unlit heathland and a busy A road’ in the dark to school, as reported by ITV News.

The local authority is obligated to provide transport for pupils who live more than three miles from school, or if they live under three miles but with no safe walking route. But Hampshire County Council currently spends £30 million annually on school transport and is looking to make cuts to help balance its budget.

The Council said it spends a ‘significant proportion of its Children’s Services budget’ on school transport has is instead considering options to improve the walking route, making it ‘usable in all weathers’, and looking to create a safe cycle route.

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→ ITV News - Students walk "dark and dangerous" route in protest of plans to cut school bus


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