Summer, a time of rest… or not!!

The last six months does seem to have flown by and been a time of increasing workload. Summer has brought with it what seems to be an interest in the Association from a lot of different quarters.  Both were welcomed and encouraged, but it was good to have a time of R & R!

Once Covid eased a little, our members have been working extremely hard as usual in their various livestock marts up and down the country, together with face to face contacts on farms.  The main issues seem to be the same old suspects of the aftermath of Brexit; Bovine Tb; the increase in agricultural and rural business administration; mental and general health issues and finally the delicate topic of farm succession and its planning. That list is, of course, not exhaustive!

Membership is also on the increase, presumably as one one new member put it, “You seem to be moving forward and doing things”!  Indeed we are and one of the topics that we are becoming involved with, involves other organisations, such as the Livestock Auctioneers Association with whom we are looking at hugely increasing the number of farmer health checks being done at markets.

At the end of September, we held our Annual General Meeting, again via Zoom.  This works very well and we probably get more members being present, than if we were face to face at a central location.  All in all, the Association seems in good heart and moving forward apace.

Chaplaincy in general, but particularly Rural chaplaincy is unique.  We minister where people are, not where we want them to be.  Our ministry, we all would agree, is the best ‘life’ that we can have.  We say ‘life’ because this is not just a job, but a way of life!


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