Fully Booked!

Please note that our North West Regional Seminar which will be held at Lancashire County Council on the 07/10/19 is now fully booked up.
If you have not booked a place and would like to add yourself to the reserve list for the event please contact events@sparse.gov.uk


Public Sector Funding

The RSN demands fairer funding from Central Government who have historically and systematically underfunded rural areas.

Barriers to Access

The RSN campaigns to help rural residents overcome multiple access barriers to key services which includes poor transport and broadband.

Future of Rural Areas

The RSN is challenging often overlooked rural threats such as chronic underfunding, changes in population and diminishing resources.

Health and Wellbeing

The RSN wants to ensure rural communities have the same access to health care as is currently received in urban areas.


Tackling a collection of circumstances which leaves many rural residents vulnerable is a key issue for the RSN.


The affordability of rural housing to people from a range of ages and backgrounds is key concern for RSN.


The RSN works to encourage a thriving rural economy in order to help support our rural communities.


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