Taskforce to transform older people's housing underway

Work to boost suitable housing options for older people kicked off last week as a government-appointed taskforce met for the first time in London

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, working with the Department for Health and Social Care, has brought together a team of experts to lead this crucial work, that will report back to Government on how it can improve housing for older people.

The Taskforce will focus on ensuring the Government is offering a range of housing options for older people. This will ensure the housing market works for older people, now and in the future, and gives them greater choice in where they choose to live.

Providing homes with support will help reduce costs to the social care and health systems, giving older people more independence in their own homes.

The Housing and Care Minister’s addressed the Taskforce noting the significance this work will have to help people live independently for longer.

Speaking at the event, Housing Minister, Rachel Maclean said:

Older people must have access to the right homes in the right places that suit their needs.

I have seen first-hand today how good quality homes have greatly improved the lives of older people. The Taskforce’s important work in the coming months will help support our commitment in delivering quality housing across the country.

I’m looking forward to listening to the Taskforce’s findings as we help the growth of a thriving older people’s housing sector in this country.

Minister for Care Helen Whately said:

Most people want to stay living in their own home for as long as possible. That means having the right sort of homes to make that possible.

Our Taskforce is about making that happen - so that as people thankfully live longer, you can also enjoy more years of independence living the way you want to.

I look forward to working with all the experts we have brought together in the taskforce, and putting older people’s voices at the heart of this work.

The Taskforce includes directors from charities like Age UK and the chair of the Home Builders Federation, to local government leaders, CEOs of housing associations and professors on health and long-term care, bringing together independent experts who will help transform housing options for older people.

Led by Professor Emerita of Nursing, Julienne Meyer, the Taskforce will speak to residents and their families about their experiences on issues such as what older people want from their housing as they age, affordability and consumer protection.

Older People’s Housing Taskforce Chair, Professor Julienne Meyer said:

I am excited to be working with such an expert group, and really glad this important work is now getting underway. I’m going to make sure that the voices of older people are heard at the heart of this Task Force. So one of the things I want to focus on immediately is putting people first and Consumer Protection.

We have an ageing population and urgently need to address the lack of supply and quality of older people’s housing. Whilst we want to support older people to live in their own homes for as long as they wish, existing housing stock is unsuitable for many and people are missing out on the health benefits of specialist housing.  This needs to change.

The Taskforce will run for up to 12 months, producing an independent report to DLUHC and DHSC.

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