The dark side of country living

The Telegraph reports on the division between more deprived rural areas of the country like Cornwall, where it sets out the “contrast between the luxury hotels and the many on benefits and at food banks”

The article explains that the areas that attract most tourists and city dwellers can often be the most unequal, with second homers and holiday lets inflating property prices way beyond local wages and affordability – something made even worse by the fact that only 12 per cent of rural housing stock is social housing, compared with 19 per cent in urban areas.

A 2017 report by the Local Government Association and Public Health England found that “there can be real hardship, deprivation, ill health and inequalities”.

Work is often seasonal and irregular: the gig economy is by no means exclusively urban.

Access to services can be hard: it’s not easy to get to hospital if it’s 20 miles away and you can’t drive.

Full article:

The Telegraph - The dark side of country living


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