The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s farming programmes now open to support farmers and family farm business across the UK:

Founded by HM King Charles III in 2010 while he was The Prince of Wales, The Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) is the only UK-wide charity that empowers small family farm businesses and rural communities. The PCF is inspired by those that live and work across rural Britain and is recognised for its commitment to creating a sustainable future.

The PCF is currently offering a range of farming programmes that are all designed to support family farm businesses across the UK:

Farm for the Future is a free business and environment programme for farmers in England which aims to help farmers tackle challenges in agriculture. Through one-to-one support, Farm for the Future will equip farmers with the tools needed to practically improve their farmed environment.

The Farm Resilience Programme (FRP) is aimed at livestock and dairy farmers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The FRP takes a whole-farm and family approach. Through a series of workshops, farmers can learn how take control of their business and see a profitable return.

The PCF and Morrisons have partnered to co-create the Carbon Clarity programme. The programme will be delivered in Cumbria from November 2022 and aims to introduce carbon opportunities to small family farms. By using a holistic approach, one-to-one sessions and group workshops, farmers will create a framework to implement change in line with government changes.

Finally, the PCF and Forest Holidays have created The Rural Start-Up Fund – financial support to new rural business ventures based in, and for the benefit of, the countryside. A total of £5,000 is available to kickstart one winning business, or shared between a number of rural start-ups. In addition, the successful applicant(s) will receive mentoring support for an entire year


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