Yorkshire Regional Seminar - Change of date

Due to the General Election, the Yorkshire & Humber regional seminar has been postponed from 9th Dec to Wed 15th January at North Yorkshire County Council.  Invitations to follow!

The town with no free cash machines

The Metro ran a feature on the town of Burslem in Staffordshire, ‘where all the free cash machines have been taken away by banks’.

A series of banks, including Nationwide, NatWest and Lloyds, have closed over the last three years leaving only cash machines that charge between 95p and £3.50 to withdraw money. Business owners and shoppers in Burslem have said the lack of free cash machines has made things ‘very difficult’.

 Stoke-on-Trent city councillor Alan Dutton took things further, describing the situation as ‘absolute robbery’. Figures show that free cash machines closed at a rate of 250 per month in 2018.

Full article:

→ Metro - The town where all the free cash machines have been taken away by banks


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