Tough new rules to lock down whole towns to rapidly isolate new COVID-19 sufferers

The Sun warns that some towns could face isolated lockdown measures if there are regional flare-ups, as Boris Johnson announced the Government’s crucial new ‘track and trace’ programme this week

Parts of towns, individual schools, businesses or workplaces may be closed according to Communities SecretaryRobert Jenrick, who explained that the system will work ‘on a micro level’, as the Government are ‘trying to judge if there are flare ups in particular places’.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Tuesday confirmed that the contact tracers will have powers to order whole schools, office blocks or streets into isolation, and Public Health England Professor John Newton confirmed the new lockdowns would be mandatory.

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The Sun - LOCK-TOWN - Tough new rules to lock down parts of towns to rapidly isolate new coronavirus sufferers could be brought in TOMORROW


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