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Transport minister on UK Government's plans for greener transport

Local Cumberland paper The News and Star reports on comments from Transport Minister Trudy Harrison MP (Con) revealing the Government’s areas of focus for reducing carbon emissions

Mrs Harrison said that making transport greener is a top priority in efforts to reduce carbon emissions to net zero and tackle climate change.

Improving public transport and making it a sustainable mode of travel could reduce the number of cars on the roads and put a dent in the nation’s emissions.

She commented that “While cars clearly continue to have a role to play in getting people from A to B, especially in rural areas, we want to help people make the switch to greener electric vehicles – as well as level up people’s access to great public transport services and shared transport schemes.”

Mrs Harrison is working with National Rail and Stagecoach on plans to improve the connectivity of train stations, making them easier to reach for those living in rural communities.

She is also working with the organisation on plans for a shuttle service in Cumbria, providing transport to nearby train stations.

Full article:

The News and Star - Transport minister on UK Government's plans for greener transport


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