UK aims to take rural areas out of digital dark age

The Government has outlined plans to wipe out mobile signal blindspots in rural areas and the road network, as part of reforms to improve connectivity and speed rollout of 5G technology, as reported in trade magazine Mobile World Live

The Government said it was proposing law changes which would remove one of the ‘biggest barriers’ to better connectivity in such areas, by reducing build time and costs for new infrastructure, ‘while protecting rural areas by minimising any visual im signalpact’.

Under the plans, mobile operators will be allowed to construct new and existing masts up to five metres taller, allowing them to fit more equipment so coverage can be equally shared.

The proposed change adds to a Government drive to deliver a £1 billion Shared Rural Network, aimed at ensuring all areas of the country can access 4G.

The report outlines how the Government believes the latest plans will provide incentives for mobile companies to improving existing masts over building new ones, while rural communities will not require as many masts to ‘take full advantage of 5G-connected technology’.

Full article:

Mobile World Live - UK aims to take rural areas out of digital dark age


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