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UK house prices expected to be higher in a year despite crisis

Yahoo Finance reports that estate agents are predicting house prices to be higher in a year’s time despite the economic crisis, with new figures suggesting the recent housing market boom shows no signs of slowing down

The research also suggests a continued ‘flight’ to more rural areas, with growing COVID-19 infection rates and lockdown restrictions failing to curb the rush to move.

A significant majority of firms reported property prices were rising, with the number higher than the previous month’s poll.

Analysis by Rightmove illustrates a continued rush to move to smaller, more rural areas, with lockdowns and working from home fuelling an ‘exodus’ from smaller homes in busier urban areas.

The figures show searches have doubled in small towns and villages, compared to only a 53 per cent rise in the 10 biggest cities.

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Yahoo Finance - UK house prices expected to be higher in a year despite crisis


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