UK to boost rural mobile connectivity

Telecommunication publications including Light Reading and Advanced Television report on news that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport has published encouraging forecasts on how much it thinks rural 4G coverage will improve following completion of the Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme, which is expected by the end of 2025

The idea behind the government-backed SRN, which has buy-in from the UK’s four mobile network operators (MNOs) EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – is to eliminate the majority of "partial not-spots."

The report compares coverage data supplied by Ofcom from January 2021 to "forecast" SRN numbers, coverage is expected to improve from 69% to 84%.

At a country and regional level, people in rural Scotland, Wales and north east England are expected to see the biggest expansion of 4G coverage thanks to the SRN initiative.

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