‘Unprecedented’ number of countryside visitors during lockdown

The Easter Daily Press reports that there has been an ‘unprecedented’ rise in the number of people using farmland footpaths during lockdown

Rural advisors at Savills Norwich say they have received a spike in enquiries from farmers and landowners asking for advice on how to manage the increase in visitors who are walking on their land for their daily exercise.

A spokesperson said: ‘The delights of the British countryside are an undoubted pleasure – possibly more so at the moment than at any other time. But over the last month or so, as lockdown has continued and the good weather persisted, many of our clients have reported an unprecedented number of people accessing their land, both on and off registered footpaths.’

Rural landowners are advised that ‘signage is key’ to remind walkers of social distancing and that it is possible to offer temporary alternative routes so that people avoid passing through gardens or close to rural homeowners.

Full article:

The Easter Daily Press - Unprecedented’ farmland visitors during lockdown must be warned of rural dangers, say agents


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