Virus persisting at higher rate in north of England

The HSJ has published figures suggesting the spread of COVID-19 is persisting at a higher rate in parts of the north of England than the south, prompting warnings that the mortality gap between those more and less deprived will deepen

The statistics suggest the COVID-19 hospital admission rate in the North West is falling far more slowly than elsewhere, and has been higher than all other NHS regions for nearly three weeks.

The number of new daily cases in North West hospitals has been around 175 since the beginning of May, and the rate per 100,000 people just below 20.

Hospital admissions peaked only a few days later in the North West than in London, but its rolling-average rate of admissions has now been running higher than London’s since 21st April, and has been diverging while other regions fall faster

Full article:

The HSJ - Exclusive: Virus persisting at higher rate in north of England


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