Warning to Boris Johnson over rural issues

The Yorkshire Post has published a piece by columnist Andrew Vine warning the Prime Minister about the danger of ignoring rural issues.

He noted that little attention was paid to rural issues in Monday’s Queen’s Speech and that rural communities ‘might have been forgiven for thinking that they had suddenly been rendered invisible’. He claims that people in the countryside have become ‘Britain’s unmentionables in Government terms’ and are ‘virtually ignored’ when funding decisions are made. Vine takes issue with Government’s plans for Brexit tariffs and imports which he says will ‘result in a cheap flood of imported food’ that undercuts British farmers. He argues that ‘Boris Johnson and his Cabinet have been speaking exclusively to an urban audience since coming to office. Every announcement on spending – hospitals, railways, policing – has been targeted at cities because their focus is on trying to win over Labour voters at the next election’.

Full article:

The Yorkshire Post - Boris Johnson will pay a Brexit price if he continues to neglect rural issues and the countryside – Andrew Vine


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