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What COVID-19 means for the charity sector in rural areas

Charity Digital has written an article exploring what the crisis means for the charities operating in rural areas

One charity, Scunthorpe and District Mind is a small-to-medium-sized charity that works to promote positive mental health and to offer support to those living with mental health conditions.

As part of the Mind network, Scunthorpe and District Mind work in their local area to provide a range of support for service users.

The charity found that digital service delivery allowed them to provide services to hard to reach service users.

This included people living in rural areas, those who have caring responsibilities, shift workers and people with transport problems.

Charities who work with such beneficiaries may find that a hybrid model combining traditional and digital service delivery works best and may choose to pursue that model in future planning.

Full article:

Charity Digital  - What COVID-19 means for the charity sector - past, present and future


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