What it’s like to lose rural public services

The website HuffPost UK has launched What It’s Like to Lose, a series to examine the impact of cuts to public services.

The first article examined the effect of the loss of post offices to a local community.

The article highlights the plight of crown post offices – branches that have not been franchised and remain directly controlled by the Post Office brand. Crown branches now constitute just two per cent of the national network, having fallen from 373 in 2009 to 262 in 2018.

Mole Meade, a post office union representative, criticised the Government for claiming to support the high street when in reality, in his words, ‘they’re the ones killing it off’.

The hashtag #SaveOurPostOffices has been used online and a petition was submitted to Downing Street in October ahead of the Budget to campaign against the privatisation of many branches.

Full article:

? HuffPost UK - What It’s Like To Lose Your Local Post Office


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