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What makes a community sustainable?

The What makes a community sustainable?
Seminar - held Bishop Lloyd’s Palace, 51/53 Watergate Row, Chester CH1 2LE on the 10 September 2013

Presentations were as follows:
- Mick Duggan (CLG Decentralisation and Neighbourhood Planning Team) - Neighbourhood Planning - Progress to Date
(Presentation slides with notes)
- Workshop 1 – Sonja Rewhorn (University of Chester) - Rural Proofing – pros, cons and practice
- Workshop 2 – Jackie Weaver (Cheshire Association of Local Councils) - The “new dawn of localism” and its implications for Town and Parish Councils
- Professor Roy Alexander (University of Chester) - Going Carbon Neutral in a Rural Parish
- Workshop 3 – Ivan Annibal (Rural Services Network) - Alternative Service Delivery in Rural Areas – 12 contemporary case studies
- Workshop 4 – Jeannine Gardiner (Cheshire Community Action) - Community Asset Mapping – It’s not just about the buildings!

Breakout sessions: 
Group Discussion notes from AM and PM sessions


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