Working together in lockdown - Case Studies from across communities in Rural England

The Rural Services Network is delighted to launch a booklet detailing the case studies that it has received of the ways in which rural communities have pulled together to support their most vulnerable residents during lockdown

The Chair of the Rural Services Network, Councillor Cecilia Motley said: 

"It is heart-warming to see how our rural communities have come together to support their most vulnerable residents in this difficult time. However, our communities raise a number of important issues which need attention and support from Government. Our rural communities should not be left behind."

Many of these initiatives were started before the Government launched it’s national NHS Volunteer Scheme, with rural communities recognising that there was a particular need to ensure that their residents had access to basics such as shopping and repeat prescriptions.  Many went much further initiating regular telephone calls to check on residents, online quizzes and resources for children to continue their learning.

Communities were asked to provide some details of their initiative along with information about what would help them from a national perspective.  The Rural Services Network has been forwarding these responses to DEFRA, as part of the Rural Impact Stakeholder Forum to ensure that they have information about experiences on the ground in rural areas.

10 Case studies were published each week but as lockdown eases, the RSN has produced the booklet to bring them all together.

→ The full document can be accessed here


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