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100 free to use ATMs already requested from Link

Kent Live covers the news that more than 100 requests for free-to-use ATMs have been made across the UK

It comes after The Community Access to Cash Delivery Fund announced that it was taking  requests for free-to-use ATMs in places with poor access and is part of a campaign aimed at tackling concerns that it is becoming harder for people to take out cash.

John Howells, chief executive of the cash machine operator Link, commented on the news: ‘It's great that we've had so much interest so far… We've already visited 10 of these locations and will be working hard to listen to every community that has got in touch. We want to hear from more communities that think they have an issue. Where there is a problem, Link will take action.’

Full article:

Kent Live - Free-to-use ATMS 'vanishing more quickly in deprived areas than in affluent ones'


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