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BT calls on fellow operators for investment fairness in rural UK network scheme

Computer Weekly followed up on BT’s calls for prior investments in UK mobile infrastructure to be recognised in formulating the operators’ investment in the Government’s Shared Rural Network (SRN) scheme.

The SRN plan was constructed with the UK’s four leading mobile network operators in order to make radical improvements on mobile phone coverage across the country, especially in rural areas, to provide ‘high-quality’ 4G coverage to 95% of the country by 2025.

The CEO of BT Group’s consumer division, issued a warning that although BT was ‘delighted’ to be part of the SRN and that joint investment in rural coverage was imperative, prior investments in infrastructure had to be respected and future investment protected.

The technological key to the SRN is a commitment from operators EE, O2, Three and Vodafone to share phone masts, said to be a world first. Also, the four operators would unite to create a new organisation to deliver the SRN, offering a solution to the persistent problem of poor mobile coverage in the countryside.

Full article:

Computer Weekly - BT calls on fellow operators for investment fairness in rural UK network scheme


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