Call for more support for rural firms impacted by coronavirus

On Wednesday, Farming UK echoed calls for the Government to issue 'rural proofed' support for businesses in the countryside impacted by the coronavirus

Rural businesses, which often differ considerably to those in urban areas, risk being overlooked in support packages provided by the Government, according to a written submission to the Treasury Select Committee from the campaign group Countryside Alliance.

For example, the group argues, many rural businesses are in the hospitality and leisure sectors, but in some instances there are firms that may not be identified as part of the leisure sector, and therefore would not be eligible for support.

On Friday, Farming UK reported on the creation of a new virtual 'Countryside Hub' to help rural communities across the UK through the coronavirus pandemic.

The service is reported to listen to concerns and act where necessary to ensure the countryside and its communities remain safe and resilient during the spread of the virus.

Launched by the Countryside Alliance, the hub offers support by signposting those within rural communities to the essential information, such as news on the latest government guidelines and announcements.

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