Campaign for Better Transport's new strategy

The Campaign for Better Transport, one of our Rural Services Partnership members, is currently looking for new Trustees to join their Board as some of the current members reach the end of their terms.

Details of opportunities can be found on their website (

Over the last six months, Campaign for Better Transport has been undertaking a strategic review to look at their future direction as they approach their 50th anniversary. 

Following feedback from over 70 partners and stakeholders their Board has set the direction for the organisation for the next five years and into the longer term. It is the start of changes to the organisation as they seek to make sustainable transport available to all and encourage its use.  

CfBT will focus on:

  • making transport in urban areas more seamless, integrated, affordable and sustainable
  • ensuring rural communities have access to sustainable transport
  • reforms to financial arrangements to encourage sustainable transport
  • how to harness new technology to accelerate the shift to sustainable transport
→ The Campaign for Better Transport 2019-2024 strategy is available now and can be found here


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