Check out the broadband speeds for your constituency!

Recently released data from the Government shows broadband speeds for every constituency in the country

Click on the link below and type in your constituency to see your data. 
→ Compare you broadband speed here

It enables you to see the figures for the rural parts of your constituency compared to urban.  It then breaks down the data into smaller areas of your constituency. 

Data provided includes:

  • Average download speed
  • Superfast availability
  • % Unable to receive decent broadband
  • Lines receiving under 2 Mbps
  • Lines receiving under 10 Mbps
  • Lines receiving over 30 Mbps

The figures for '% unable to receive decent broadband' are worrying for rural areas when broken down in this way as whilst overall constituency data can make the area look well serviced, the specific rural figures can reveal the stark difference in services provided. 

The Rural Services Network campaigns for A Digitally Connected Countryside.  We believe that all rural households and businesses should have the option of affordable and reliable access to broadband and mobile networks.  Rural take-up of superfast broadband is fair where it is available, with almost four in ten premises upgrading. However, a rural business survey by Rural England and SRUC found only 19% had a superfast connection and most (59%) relied on standard broadband. It also found high rates of dissatisfaction with connection speed and reliability.  The survey, cited above, identifies significant and wide-ranging rural business benefits from digital adoption. It estimates that if constraints to digital adoption, such as skills and recruitment, could be overcome it would unlock at least £12 billion of extra productivity per annum (Gross Value Added).

 Click below for more information about A Digitally Connected Countryside:


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