CPRE Report: Reviving county farms

The CPRE have published a report titled 'Reviving county farms'.

This report, prepared for CPRE by the New Economics Foundation, Shared Assets and Who Owns England?, shows that the opportunities that county farms offer – in terms of local benefit, income generation and training in farming – are sizeable, but that numbers of county farms are dropping.

The report makes three main recommendations:

  1. The government should protect the future of the county farm estate by legislating for a ministerial lock on their disposal, and a rejuvenated purpose statement.
  2. The government should bring forward a package of measures and new funding to enable councils to enhance their county farm estates.
  3. All councils should promote the value of their county farms, their potential to help address the climate and ecological emergencies and enable them to deliver wider public benefits to meet the needs of their community.
- The full report can be downloaded here


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