Create jobs to protect high streets

The chief executive of the Centre for Cities, Andrew Carter, argues in a piece in The MJ this week that the best way to protect high streets is to create well-paid jobs.

He acknowledges Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan’s announcement earlier this month of £95 million to revive 69 heritage town centres as a ‘nice initiative’ from a culture perspective. But, according to Carter, research from the Centre for Cities demonstrates the link between highly skilled, well-paid jobs and the quality and quantity of high street amenities.

‘So,’ he says, ‘instead of getting distracted by the symptoms of high street decline, such as peeling storefronts or shut shops, policymakers should pursue plans that bring high paid jobs and consumers with more disposable income onto the high street’. This can be achieved through improving educational attainment, improving business facilities and investing in public transport.

Full article:

→ The MJ - Tackle high street decline the right way


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