28/07/2020 - RSN Seminar: Rural Skills & Education

Date: 28th July 2020
Subject: Rural Skills & Education
Chair: Cllr Peter Stevens, West Suffolk Council (Download Cllr Stevens Presentation here)
- To download the agenda for this meeting click here


Learning Outcomes:

3 Examples of Good Practice

  • Wisbech Community Led Local Development Programme – wide Consultation and local involvement in the programme.
  • Inspiring Bosworth – funded by Heritage Lottery Fund – developed a sense of place and pride in local area.
  • University of Lincoln – National Centre for Food and Manufacturing – leading provider of apprenticeships for the sector.

5 Key Learning Points

  • Provision of effective Further Education is critically important especially in rural areas - need a system that is fit for purpose for the future.
  • How will COVID-19 permanently change our working lives? What skills will we need for future working environments and as technology progresses?
  • Huge displacement of young people and school leavers unable to start jobs or take up apprenticeships, will need targeted support to ensure generation is not left behind.
  • Local Development Programme Management – importance of ongoing support and development – they formed a group for all projects to network and share experiences which helped build capacity across the whole area.

Importance of supporting young people to open their minds to different types of careers, and understand the areas in which there are career opportunities or a skills shortage where they could target their study.

? The attendance & apologies for this seminar can be downloaded here


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