Get your business back on its feet - an offer!

We know that many of our members are small business owners and the ongoing crisis is likely to be hitting you hard

To offer you support we've partnered with Be the Business, to give small business owners based in England exclusive access to one-to-one mentoring, which is government-funded and completely FREE of charge.

Be the Business are an independent, not-for-profit movement. Their mission is to help every firm in the UK improve their own performance, and the performance of those they work with. As a result of the impact caused by coronavirus, they are working tirelessly to do everything possible to help businesses through the immediate impacts and rebuild and grow again.

Be the Business have a number of highly experienced mentors available NOW to support you responding to the impact of the current crisis. The mentors come from a range of the UK's leading businesses as well as recognised companies such as BAE Systems, Lloyds, GSK, KPMG and Siemens. They can support across a range of issues including scenario planning, communications, finance, HR and staffing, supply chain and change management

In a nutshell the 12-week Rapid Response Mentoring programme offers:

  • Tailored, one-to-one support from an experienced senior exec in a leading firm
  • Your own mentor matched with your specific needs and objectives – chosen by you
  • Once registered, 12 weekly sessions with each mentor, as often as you need - by phone or virtual tools

The programme is most suited to small businesses that have around 5 staff and a turnover of 500K or more.

No book, training course or webinar can give you the same benefits:

  • A fresh perspective on your challenges and opportunities
  • A neutral sounding board to talk through your own ideas
  • Greater confidence in tough decisions you need to make
  • A safe space to share for your own worries and concerns
  • Steering you towards solutions not telling you what to do
Sound interesting? Find out more about the programme and register here

Get in touch with the Be the Business Mentoring Team at


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