Local Authority

We provide a range of services to Local Authorities and offer two different types of membership, Sparse and Rural Assembly.  The SPARSE membership is  targeted at very sparsely populated Local Authorities and along with a range of services, we campaign on their behalf for fairer funding for rural areas.   The RURAL ASSEMBLY  is made up of rural Local Authorities and also encompasses the Rural Services Partnership. It shares information and best practice on rural issues and works to provide a collective voice for rural areas to raise the profile of particular issues that they face in delivering services to rural communities. It also includes the SPARSE RURAL Members.
We have categorised the services that we provide into the following headings, this should help you to find the services you require dependent on your area of interest.


This section will support you if  you are a Member of an Executive or looking for information to support Senior Members / Officers and decision makers.  It includes details of conferences, meetings, fairer funding and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Services.


This section includes a range of services targeted at those interested in Finance.  It includes not only the Fairer Funding Campaign but also Finance Briefings, Local Authority Financial Analysis and information about the Fair Share Group of MPs.


This section provides a range of information if you are involved in the Scrutiny of your local authority or are looking for analysis to support decision making.  It includes performance benchmarking, economic profiling, neighbourhood planning evidence base and specific scrutiny projects that RSN has undertaken.  It also includes the results of Sounding Board Surveys.


This section provides a range of information for those interested in the Rural Economy.  It includes the specific Economic Development Officers meeting, the Observatory which is full of statistics about rural life and the Economic Profiling service.


This section provides information for Officers and Members delivering services to their community.  It includes the results of the Sounding Board surveys and the Neighbourhood Planning Evidence Base.


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