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Meeting of Directors of the Rural Services Partnership - 14 September 2015

Minutes of Directors of the Rural Services Partnership meeting - 14 September 2015 held at the LGA, London



Rev. Richard Kirlew (Chairman), Graham Biggs (Company Secretary & Director), John Birtwistle, David Horne, Cecilia Motley

David Inman

1 Minutes

The Minutes of the Director's Meeting held on 15th September 2014 were approved as a correct record.

The Minutes of the AGM held on 17th November, 2014 were noted.

2. Agreement of Accounts April 201 – 31st March 2015

The accounts had been duly prepared by the Company's Tax Accountants and were presented to the meeting. The meeting formally agreed the accounts and recommend their adoption at the AGM.

3. To recommend the re-appointment of TaxAssist Ludlow as the Company's Tax Accountants.

The meeting formally agreed to re-appoint TaxAssist Ludlow as the Company's Tax Accountants.


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