New report into barriers to take up of gigabit-capable broadband

The Gigabit Take Up Advisory Group has issued an Interim Report which, following a call for evidence, identifies factors that may inhibit consumers and businesses from adopting gigabit-capable broadband

This is not about the infrastructure for gigabit capable broadband but about its take up by consumers where it is available. The report does not just relate to rural areas but the barriers identified are likely to be just as relevant (if not more so) in rural areas as they are in urban.

Three broad categories are identified being (1) Lack of Awareness of gigabit-capable broadband (2) Little benefit/perceived benefit of adopting gigabit-capable broadband and (3) Practical barriers to adoption (such as affordability and capability/skills  to engage on the part of consumers.

The report which can be accessed here identifies emerging solutions mapped against key outcomes.

The findings in this report support the RSN’s Policy Asks in the Revitalising Rural document Chapters especially those on Digital Connectivity (Digital skills and inclusion) and Business Advice and Guidance (Exploiting digital connectivity). The Revitalising Rural report can be accesed here and a direct link to the Digital Connectivity chapter can be found here.


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