Northern Powerhouse ‘undermined’ by austerity

Social Affairs Correspondent for the Independent, May Bulman, comments on a report released by the Institute for Public Policy Research North on the state of the north-south divide in the UK.

The report marks five years since former chancellor George Osborne announced his vision for a Northern Powerhouse – bringing together cities, towns and rural communities in the north to promote economic growth.

The report shows that the north-south divide has increased, with public spending in the north falling by £3.6bn since 2009-10 while in the south east and southwest it has risen by £4.7bn in real terms.

In that time, the report also finds transport spending rose by £330 per person in London and just £149 per person in the north. The report also finds that 200,000 more northern children are now living in a poor household than before.

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