Plan for UK shops to offer cashback without a purchase

The Guardian reports on new  proposals from the Treasury designed to safeguard accessibility to cash, which could mean shops would have to offer cashback even if customers do not make a purchase

The Government aims to ensure no one is left behind in the move to digital payments, and argues that EU regulations have previously been a barrier to retailers offering cashback when people were not paying for goods or services.

The report states that the Government is considering changing the rules after the Brexit transition period ends at the end of 2020, freeing up more businesses to offer cash.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated UK consumers’ move towards card payments and away from notes and coins, and banks have continued to announce branch closures, leaving fewer options for people who want to handle cash. This has been a particularly problem for those who live in remote areas.

Full article:

The Guardian - Plan for UK shops to offer cashback without a purchase


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