RHCA Member - CSW Group

CSW Group is a social enterprise whose mission is to inspire, develop and support people, communities & organisations to make positive change through sustainable high quality services. Our 200-strong team operates mainly in the rural areas of the South West, although we deliver contracts as far as the Midlands and into London.

We provide transition support to young people as they move through education into the world of work. This might be in the form of career guidance services in school/college or targeted support/mentoring/coaching for those who need additional help to make successful transitions into adulthood. For many young people in rural areas the lack of transport can be a significant barrier to making progress in learning or work.

Our Families Support Team works intensively with families of all sizes to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, improve education, work and health attainments and to help them access the resources and people who will support sustainable outcomes for their future.

Our Skills Support Team work with organisations and individuals to upskill or develop new skills for the workplace. We support individuals in the workplace, looking to re-join the workplace or current economically inactive. Much of this work is done in partnership with other organisations to ensure the best provider for the situation is the provider delivering.

Our 200-strong team is motivated by the belief that support means more than a shoulder to lean on. We provide each individual with unfaltering attention, empowering them to make a lasting positive change. Our approach has enabled thousands of people to access learning and employment over the last 20-plus years.


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